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We have teamed up with REVIEWS.CO.UK which is a unbiased and independent trusted 3rd party review company. Each review is VERIFIED by Reviews.co.uk. Reviews.co.uk publish customer reviews so you can make sure you are confidant and the pension company you want to work with. We have helped many customers in the UK to sell or cash in their pensions. You need to be completely comfortable working with a company that you can trust to deal with your enquiry and make sure that you are always put first. Here at Cash Pension we ALWAYS put the customer first. We have been established for over 10 years and have a great reputation with our customers. We never use any hard sell tactics or any pushy sales methods unlike some other pension release companies. We take pride in the fact we offer a very honest pension cash release review and we always do everything we can to make sure you are happy with the outcome and the journey. We can also help you today. Contact us today for free advice or help.

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Sell my pension: what does it mean for you?

If you want to sell or cash in your UK pension pot then you have come to the right place. There is a reason why so many UK residents trust us to help them to release their pension cash. Pensions are not what they used to be,  and some of us will not even have enough money in our pensions to retire. so when retirement beckons it can be a real concern. This is why you now see so many people turning to property as a method of replacing their pension. We are seeing an increase in UK residents wanting to release their pension cash early because they simply will not have enough when it comes to retirement, so why not enjoy your pension cash now! We have helped many customers in the UK to cash in their pensions, and we offer a confidential free review so you really have nothing to lose. We will tell you how much cash you will receive based on your information.

Sell or Cash in your pension with us and you could receive £10000’s quickly and safely

You may have seen in various advertisements, radio adverts or online adverts about the concept of; selling your pension’ or sometimes referred to as; ‘sell my pension’. What you should know is that this is a standard marketing term. It basically means the same as such terms that include; ‘cash in pension’ or ‘pension release’ it all amalgamates to the same idea, which is releasing or selling your pension to aid a cash payment from your pension pot. Usually the amount is 25% tax free from your pension. Selling your pension is quite a task and one that is daunting if you are not sure of the consequences or even if it is the correct thing to do. You should read various government related information, websites or articles that talks about selling your pension to fully understand your options

Can I sell or cash in my pension? Yes with us!

Can I sell my pension? yes you could sell your pension for cash, but you should know that when people ask; can I sell my pension it basically means the same as; cash pension, pension release or unlock pension – selling pensions or sell my pension are common marketing terms! In recent times we have seen the collapse of some major UK companies and as a result of these collapses it has resulted in many UK people losing their jobs or being made redundant. Unfortunately, pension annuity rates are not what they used to be in the UK and this is because many of us in the UK will retire with not enough money in our pension pot. The other reasons why people sell their pensions is because we are now living longer, and so our pension pots are having to stretch a lot more than what they were originally designed for. So, why not sell your pension is the most common sense that appears to then take place because if you do not have enough money or cash in your pension or you have lost your job then it is easy to see why selling a pension is a popular choice amongst us brits.

Can I sell my pension under 55?

Can I sell my pension under 55? well, firstly you should know that selling your pension pension under 55 is the same as; pension release under 55, cash in your pension under 55 and also the same as unlock my pension under 55 – these are all the same meanings and outcomes. Yes it it possible to sell or cash in your pension under 55, but there maybe a large hmrc tax bill or if there are circumstances that are beyond your control such as ill health or bad health. To find out more or if you qualify to sell your pension or cash in your pension under 55 the best thing to do is contact us via the website form above or call our friendly sell my pension team for more information about what you can and cannot do under the age of 55

Why do people sell their pensions for cash?

Following feedback from IFA or pension review experts we discovered the following main reasons why UK residents sell a pension pot: 1) Job loss or made redundant 2) Make a payment against debts, bills, home rental or store cards 3) Mortgage arrears 4) Fund a new business venture 5) Fund student university tuition fees

Sell my pension; what are the pitfalls

Unfortunately, we live in a world where scammers and some un-orthodox pension companies may act in such a way you may never see your pension again or the risks are not fully explained to you. Legally you are allowed to take 25% of your pension tax free, anything more than that you could face a 55% tax bill. So, make sure you deal with a sell pension company that you can trust. When you speak to a sell my pension IFA (independent financial advisor) you need to make sure you are totally comfortable with that advisor and make sure that you ask as many questions as you want, remember it’s your pension so you need to be 100% comfortable your pension is being managed as well as it should be.

Below we have highlighted some sell your pension tips for you:

1) Quiz your sell my pension IFA to make sure you feel comfortable 2) Ask your IFA what they will be doing for you in your pension review 3) Check if the IFA has previously dealt with other clients 4) Ask if you can legally take the cash from your pension

Sell My Pension: Can I Sell My Pension In The UK?

The importance of pensions, makes it a very regular topic in the financial sector. Knowing that your pension scheme is key to a happy retirement; lots of questions are frequently raised on the topic. One of the most asked questions about pensions in the UK definitely is; “Can I sell my pension?” In order to properly examine the question, we need to understand what selling pension really is. Selling your pension can be used in two terms; the strict terms and loose terms. Loosely, selling your pension refers to a scheme which sees you take a lump sum from your pension pot before retirement; also known as pension unlocking. While in stricter terms, selling your pot refers to selling your pension plan.

Sell my pension for cash

Selling your pension plan is not possible, as there are strict laws in place to prevent such actions. However, for pension unlocking, some individuals have found a way to go around it. Firms that specialize in pension unlocking claim to have a way to bypass loopholes and sell pensions. Some confuse the sales of an annuity with sales of pension.

Selling your pension:

An annuity is an insurance plan; usually bought with pension savings, that guarantees an income for life, regardless of how long you live. An annuity gives you a regular retirement income. Buying an annuity is one of the safest ways available to pensioners to access their pensions. The April 2015 pension freedom rules, changed the basics of pension in the UK. As such, the government sort to find ways relieve those who had already gotten an annuity before then. They numbered about five million, elderly people who had to buy annuity,as it was the only pension product before pension freedom. The government tried to set up a second hand annuity market in order to sell all these old annuities. This, however, did not work out, because of the low rates which were being offered for these annuities, making the government scrap the setup. Selling annuities or even pensions is therefore not possible. As a result, you should be cautious of any individual offering to buy your pension. Also, selling pension in the form of pension unlocking is not advisable. This is because pension unlocking dealings are not so transparent, and as such might leave you losing all your pension. Unlocking your pension early also means that you would have a reduced or even no income at retirement. All in all, refraining from any form of pension trading is important, as it is an act which the government is against. Therefore the best option for a worker of pensionable age is to take out all his cash legally as a lump sum, instead of seeking to sell it. This reduces the risk of being scammed and also comes at the normal tax rate; with the first 25% of the whole pension being tax-free. An individual who is not eligible for pension is best served to wait till he is eligible.

Dealing with a sell your pension company you can trust is important:

When you are considering releasing your pension cash or want to sell a pension you should firstly shop around, do your research and read various online pension customer reviews to make sure you have feel you have enough information to make that decision and the right decision for you. Here at cash-pension.co.uk we have introduced lot of customers to various IFA’s and pension review experts to help deal with your sell my pension inquiries. Please take the time to read our reviews to help you decide if we are the right company for you in terms of putting you in touch with a pension review IFA.

Sell my pension contact team:

We act as introducers to IFAs and pension review experts, so we are here to help put you in touch with someone who may be able to help you. In order to start the process, you need to firstly fill in the form and then your information is passed to a IFA. As we mentioned above you should try and make sure that you are comfortable. Start the process today by simply calling us or filling in the contact form.