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    If you are a COMPANY DIRECTOR or BUSINESS OWNER Then You Can CASH in your pension before you are 55 using our unique trusted service!

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    We have teamed up with REVIEWS.CO.UK which is a unbiased and independent trusted 3rd party review company. Reviews publish customer reviews so you can make sure you are confidant and the pension company you want to work with. We have helped many customers in the UK to sell or cash in their pensions. We can also help you today. Contact us today for free advice or help.


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    Are you struggling to boost capital for your existing business, perhaps you would like a cash injection to kick-start a replacement business venture?

    Secured Pension Funding, sometimes mentioned as Pension Led Funding, Pension Loans, Pension Backed Loans or Pension Led Finance is one among the foremost lucrative and versatile yet under-utilised alternative funding methods available to businesses; allowing you to borrow money from your personal pension because the director, owner or senior executive of the corporate and pay it back with interest.

    One of the foremost immediate benefits of this type of funding is that unlike other sorts of funding, a number of the interest paid goes straight back to your pension, offering the potential for significant pension value enhancement.

    Setting up a SSAS isn’t as expensive as you would possibly think, with a 1 time fee which can buy itself as a results of interest being paid back to your pension fund.

    For quite 10 years Pension-led funding has provided valuable finance to business owners throughout the united kingdom and across all sectors of the economy. Sourcing your funding directly through your own accrued pensions may be a flexible and efficient alternative funding option, supplying you with more control and freedom.

    One of the criticisms levelled against traditional lenders is usually the length of your time it takes to urge anywhere. Specifically being kept within the dark about the method and what to expect.

    We’ve listened to the market and to our many customers who have told us that this frustrates them and have developed our process to be as transparent as possible. Yes, there’s time required to tug together all the knowledge needed and time required to form sure that we are giving the proper advice.