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A UK pension loan is offered to those individuals who possess a UK pension fund. They do have the option to apply for pension funds such as Private Pension Schemes and Money Purchase Pension Schemes. If he/she would prefer to qualify for a pension loan, then their pension pot should contain a minimum balance ranging from twenty-thousand to thirty-thousand euros.

Which groups of people are eligible to apply for a pension loan?

Those individuals who are facing difficulties in raising money may apply for pension loans. However, few people prefer Pension loans as a source of investment. It is highly recommended to seek advice of a financial advisor before he/she applies for a Pension loan. They would offer necessary assistance and guidance in executing wise decisions.

How to cash in my pension loan UK?

Some of the major factors behind resorting to pension loans and withdrawing cash from the pension pot when an individual has not reached the age of fifty-five are as follows:

  1. Launching a brand new business establishment
  2. Gathering or accumulating adequate funds to purchase real-estate properties.
  3. Paying-off the bills
  4. Covering debt as early as possible thereby eliminates a higher rate of interest charges.

A Pension loan is quite different from a standard loan since it does not involve any sorts of credit check and income statement.  An individual with a low credit rating can also apply for a pension loan. In such cases, the pension amount will act as the collateral security.

Individuals who would prefer to withdraw money from their pension pot should follow the below procedures.

  1. First, an enquiry form containing personal details should be submitted to the concerned organisation. It is a simple procedure, which does not involve any credit checks.
  2. The maximum time taken to get processed is about twenty-four hours.

Some of the major highlights of a pension loan are as follows:

  • Today, most of the moneylenders grant loans even to those who have a poor credit rating in the past.
  • Pension loan does not involve a high rate of interest. It is highly recommended to consult a financial advisor before applying for a pension loan.

What is meant by the term ‘Pension Release’ and how is this different to a pension loan?

Pension Release is a process of withdrawing cash from the pension pot before reaching the age of fifty-five. According to the UK law, a person who has attained the age of fifty-five will receive nearly 25% of total amount contributed towards the pension pot. The remaining amount will stay intact.